Your guide to the latest carpet technology trends

Savvy Shopaholic Jo Munro provides the ultimate guide to tech-driven rug trends.

When you think of flooring, the latest trends in home technology and sustainability aren’t really the first things that come to mind. On my recent shopping adventure to replace my carpet, I was surprised at how much technology has helped make the products more durable. The website has also allowed me to make more informed decisions and try before you buy so to speak, so you can check out the look and feel of innovative products before the point of purchase.

Frontier Poppy Lounge Rug

Tech and sustainable decoration

I am an avowed conscious consumer. I like to upcycle, upcycle, and spend my money on products with companies that are actively innovating and making products that minimize the impact on the planet.

The truth is, technology has revolutionized how carpeting and flooring works in our home, addressing age-old fears of germ-infested, dirt-holding and stained carpets to the bold new world of environmentally, stain-resistant and fade-resistant and hypoallergenic. looms.

The Carpet Court ECONYL® regenerated nylon caught my eye. Inorganic compounds have advantages as they provide a repellant environment for bacteria, mold and pollen. Nylon is the most hypoallergenic carpet fiber. Fibers certified low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon improve air quality and are ideal for homes with children or those with allergies and respiratory issues. Also, perfect for pet lovers to ensure the rug is durable and can be easily cleaned.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon shares the same look, feel and performance qualities as traditional carpets, but with all the benefits of the new era.

Made from 100% recycled yarns from reclaimed nylon waste including fishing nets, industrial plastic, plastic bottles, and landfill rugs, all featuring on-trend colors, textures, and styles.

I loved the new Australian made ranges from Tuftmaster Carpets and EC Carpets which are made exclusively for Carpet Court using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, all of which feature distinct styles and colours.

The good news is that style isn’t sacrificed with the incredible array of 21st century options, nor is price.

Durable options range from high performance textured loops to twist pile structures that are so soft to the touch.

Rug Provenance Floor
Rug Provenance Floor

Innovative products

Choosing the right loom for your room no longer relies on your imagination thanks to the Carpet Court website which offers a wealth of flooring options ranging from room size information to a multitude of colors. The solution is simple when you can actually imagine what your room will look like with a variety of styles and color options. I felt like I was in control and could imagine my surroundings with the new flooring. I loved the certainty of a risk-free purchase.

Not only could I plan the look and layout of the options in my home, but the selection of new age rugs ticked the boxes for me. Thanks to technology, they are also durable.

So when considering updating your home, think about innovation and sustainability and take advantage of the best technology has to offer.

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