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Step into Platina BKC and your eyes immediately turn to Kitchen Garden’s shiny new kiosk, a small 15-seat space and a take-out counter. After the opening of full-fledged cafes, this is a new direction for the brand. “It’s something we’ve had in mind for a while, but first we had to establish a better brand because for the building it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and they want a strong brand. in their hall ”, explains Antonia Achache, Chef and Partner Manager, Potager.

Along with visitors to Platina’s office, the kiosk already receives a steady stream of customers (and delivery orders) from the nearby US Consulate and American School, as well as the surrounding residential buildings. “At BKC, I think we can have a little more in this format in every big building. The buildings are happy to have this; it looks nice in the lobby, the tenants are happy and we are happy, ”laughs Achache, adding that a new kiosk will be opening soon at One Indiabulls in Lower Parel. All the food is prepared in their central kitchen and the kiosk is provided three times a day, so the food is always fresh and doesn’t stay in the fridge for too long. “It’s a good format and we’ve already been approached by another building in BKC, and one in Colaba. We can adjust our deliveries to the capacity of individual buildings, ”adds Achache.

Kitchen Garden and its sister brand Suzette are both on the way to becoming fully organic. They have a connection with the Pune-based Offering Farm, from where they source all of their exotic vegetables, leaves and herbs. “We already have a polyhouse (greenhouse) dedicated to the vegetable garden, and we are working closely with the farm to grow new products. We are also experimenting with a few other farms, but the challenge with organic is that the production is not always consistent, ”explains Jérémie Sabbagh, head baker and partner of Kitchen Garden. They are also working with Zama Organics and Taru Naturals to source vegetables, fruits and staple foods from organic farming collectives across India.

So what’s the next step for the brand? “We are opening a Kitchen Garden restaurant (with a Suzette kiosk inside) next to the Prithvi theater in Juhu in the next two weeks, and we are also looking for spaces in the Fort-Colaba area,” Sabbagh said. Since almost 50% of their business comes from deliveries and take out, Kitchen Garden has recently partnered up with Scootsy, so now you can order their breakfast and lunch combos as well as all baked goods through the ‘application.

Scroll through our gallery to take a look at the space.

Kitchen Garden Kiosk is located in the lobby of Platina BKC, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, and is open from 9am to 7pm. Phone: 09967215557


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