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I am one of those who believes that food cannot always be separated from the mood, and that eating must be a healthy epicurean experience to be truly savored. This is exactly what the StayWoke Café at Gurugram’s Worldmark does.

Led by Moonshine Food Ventures, the brainchild of food and beverage entrepreneur Vishal Anand, Cafe StayWoke speaks millennial lingo at T. It’s dynamic, it’s fun, and for all measures, c ‘is on wake up. Right off the bat, the seats are wonderful; Perched on a beautiful waterfront, the restaurant has an earthy and open feel, with fully glazed walls allowing an abundance of natural light to enter. We chose to sit down for a hearty lunch and as expected the place, designed by Headlight Design Studio, is perfect for a fun, relaxed day around food and conversations.

Casual Gourmet

The menu at StayWoke is what the restaurant likes to call ‘Casual Gourmet‘- refined cuisine that is best enjoyed in a relaxed setting. With flavors that deliver a fine blend of modern global influences for a local palate, the food leans you towards your experimental side, and to me that says a lot. Think Lawyer Appam, Cheese Chili, rocket chicken and Narangi salad, Akuri scrambled eggs and more, a whole assortment of these delicacies awaits you.

We started with light chicken popcorn, accompanied by fresh orange juice and a sparkling, fermented kombucha; I was happy to know that the cafe uses vegetables and organic ingredients to create its specialties. Next on the menu was Tuscan spaghetti, a favorite among regulars, and no wonder why. Mixed with pesto oil and garnished with balsamic pearls, the flavors were a symphony on my palate.

StayWoke uses organic fruits and vegetables in all of their specialties

At the StayWoke Café, there are no bars on what a meal should look like; in this way, it is quite democratic and millennial. With our spaghetti, we hollowed out a small portion of Roast Chicken with Ghee, served with tasty applam papad, curry leaves and coconut. We ended the meal with a tasty pork pizza which at the cafe is more like a rectangle than the classic circle. By early evening, we had traveled the subcontinent and beyond, simply through our taste buds, which were in a frenzy, only to be plunged into an eating coma through dessert.

Cloud Pudding is deliciously delicious

If you had asked me on a weekday afternoon if I would ever want to taste a coconut dessert that doesn’t look like a coconut dessert, I probably would have just shook my head. But I’m a fan of StayWoke’s cloud pudding, made with gelatin, sugar and of course coconut. The twist? The tangy kaffir lime shavings on top make it crackle on your tongue. Looking back, regardless of the filling lunch, I shouldn’t have split the pudding.

Where: 104 South Point Mall 1st Floor, Golf Course Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Price for two: â ?? ¹1500

Call for reservations: 077039 29965


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