Tips That Can Help You Identify Organic Foods in 2022

Likewise, your honey should not be super sweet like some packaged honeys.

Organic foods are much healthier, easier on the digestive system, and also help reduce gastrointestinal issues related to acidity and gas.

You will soon feel a noticeable difference in your gut health.

Likewise, you should switch to cold-pressed organic oils as their nutrients are intact.

The processing method does not use a large amount of heat which causes loss of nutrients.

Second, refined petroleum does not contain any chemicals due to its refining process. In addition, they are rich in flavor and fragrance.

Organic atta is usually stone ground, has all the bran intact – hence the B vitamin family – and has enough healthy dietary fiber to keep your digestion going.

Always check the presence of preservatives in the product; most preservatives are petroleum-based – you definitely don’t want to consume them!

The 4-digit PLU (price lookup) code on the sticker means primarily grown with pesticides; 5-digit codes starting with 8 signify a GM crop, 5-digit codes starting with 9 signify an organic crop; in India we basically have the regular 4 digit PLU which says it is grown with pesticides.

(Kavita Devgan is a nutritionist, weight management consultant and health writer based in Delhi. She is the author of The Don’t Diet Plan: A no-nonsense guide to weight loss, Fix it with Food, Ultimate Grandmother Hacks and Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People.)

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