The Santoro brothers launch vegan, organic restaurant in Shoreditch in September



In September, a new vegan restaurant will launch on Commercial Street in Shoreditch. Genesis will offer a menu of plant-based, non-GMO and organic dishes, with street food influences from around the world. The relaxed setting and counter-style service will ensure food is delivered fresh, quick and hassle-free, while the restaurant’s contemporary design, striking artwork, and original soundtrack will ensure a fun and relaxed dining experience.

Genesis is the brainchild of Alex and Oliver Santoro, whose family has been, ironically enough, involved in the meat industry for over a hundred years. They both went vegan seven years ago and soon after launched Raw Imagination, a vegan food company with take-out items from stores such as Planet Organic. Their combined passion for great food, original design, health and environmentally conscious living was the inspiration for the new restaurant. Together with Genesis, they will deliver delicious and hearty food that will appeal to vegans and meat eaters, while supporting organic farming practices that promote a positive impact on our health and the planet’s ecosystems.

The menu will include a selection of sharing platters, salads, soups, tacos, burgers and hot dogs, all made from organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Inspired by many travels across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, dishes to share will include Aloo Tikka Chaat’s Indian street snack; the breathtaking Tel Aviv cauliflower with tahini, almonds and cranberries; Shawarma with Israeli salad, chili, pickles, garlic sauce, tahini and sumac vinaigrette; and Char Kway Teow, a popular Malaysian dish made with brown rice noodles, sautéed vegetables, and black bean sauce. These will be accompanied by salads including Kale Caesar and Thai Papaya & Mango, as well as a rich spicy Laksa soup, an indulgent Mac & Cheese and a range of tacos with toppings such as fried avocado, beans and pico de gallo, or jackfruit, hoisin, cucumber and spring onion.

Genesis’ signature burgers and hot dogs will be made from a range of natural ingredients and served in vegan and organic brioche buns with creative toppings. The American Woman burger will be filled with creamy coleslaw, barbecue sauce, onion rings, jalapeños and pickles. Meanwhile, hot dogs are taking inspiration from around the world with options such as the Bánh Mì Dog; Bombay dog ​​and New York dog. To accompany them, guests can add accompaniments such as Kimchi and coleslaw, or a choice of Yuca or fries.

For dessert, a rich and indulgent brownie sundae will accompany the bread and butter pudding; Dairy Free Cheesecake and Soft Ice Cream with a selection of whimsical toppings. For drinking there will be a choice of organic cold pressed fruit juices, milkshakes, Lo Bros Kombucha, organic drinks from Longflint Drinks Co., house cocktails, organic beers and wines, and cold coffees from Dutch. Lab.

Located on the bustling shopping street, Genesis will be spread over two floors and will have a striking design that incorporates pastel pink tiles, marble, copper details, neon signage, and original graphic artwork on the floor and walls. By joining the thriving Shoreditch restaurant scene, Genesis is poised to make its mark, proving that organic vegan food can be indulgent, healthy, and for everyone.


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