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JWalk down the soda aisle of your grocery store and you’ll notice an unstoppable sipping trend: feel-good fizzy drinks are taking over. Plenty of drink options mean you’ll be anything but dehydrated this summer, but if you’re sick of soda water (completely understandable), don’t worry. We’ve scoured the world of beverages to find the best sparkling drinks to keep you happy at your desk, at the beach, or at a summer BBQ. With one of these options in hand, you’ll never have to consider mixing balsamic vinegar into a fizzy drink to elevate your taste buds. Again. (Seriously, stop.)

The sparkling beverage industry is practically overflowing with options: the soft drink market is thexpected to reach $370 billion by 2027and good + good did call it non-alcoholic spirits would rule happy hour in our 2022 trends report. All of this growth means flavor options abound and companies are getting creative in activating their drinks using ingredients like ashwagandha. , mushrooms, prebiotic fibers and other plant extracts.

Simply put: it’s a brave new world of drinks. So if you’re struggling to decide which cans to pick up first, keep scrolling for more on the best new drinks to stock in your fridge this summer. Whether your palate is looking for something fruity, tart or intense, you’ll find a hot option on the market to suit your taste. And no, alcoholic seltzer is not invited to the party.

The 8 Best Sparkling Drinks (not seltzers) to sip all summer long

1. Saint Tépache

best sparkling drinks
Photo: Saint Tepache

Do you like kombucha? This is the sparkling drink for you. Holy Tepache calls itself “the bubbly cousin of kombucha” – and it’s just as fun to hang out with as it looks. Tepache was traditionally enjoyed by the Nahua people of central Mexico and contains live probiotics as well as prebiotic fiber from fermented fruits.

The drink comes in four fresh and bold flavors: Majestic Pineapple, Strawberry Lime, Peachy Mango, and Hibiscus Ginger. Find it at select Costco and Whole Foods storesor in small health food stores.

2. Hops Wtr

Photo: Hop Wtr

Hop Water is designed to put a hop in your step, literally. Each drink aims to boost your mood with adaptogens and nootropics (plant extracts that show early promise to reduce stress and improve your state of mind).

Hop Wtr’s drinks come in a range of fruity flavors from lime to peach, and many contain a generous amount of vitamin C, which contains antioxidants essential for proper immune function. You can find them in store Where order a variety pack online.

3. Euphoric Kin

best sparkling drinks
Photo: Kin

Kin Euphorics harnesses the power of adaptogens and nootropics to prepare you for whatever life throws at you. If you have trouble sleeping, the brand’s “Lightwave” blend is designed to lull you to sleep with a relaxing blend of reishi mushroom, L-theanine and L-tryptophan. They also serve up an energizing formula for social stamina called Kin Bloom. So assess what you need and order.

Kin’s flavors are incredibly unique and won’t appeal to everyone, but if you have a more complex palette and like to taste rosemary, white grape and oak in one sip, consider giving it a try. Pick up Kin at healthy, casual restaurants like Bluestone Lane, or order a sample pack online.

4. KeVita Herbal Spritzers

Spritzers and summer go hand in hand, and luckily KeVita is on the ball. The brand’s line of bevvies fermented with water kefir culture contains millions of probiotics and comes in sparkling, refreshing flavors like peach elderflower and orange sage.

Find a seller selling KeVita near you or order yours from Amazon.

5. Sound

best sparkling drinks

If you’re the type of person who always orders an iced tea for lunch, Sound’s fizzy drinks are for you. Beverage makers combine organic tea, botanicals, and fruit extracts to create canned water that’s never sweet and always deliciously fruity.

Blueberry, tangerine and rose are just a few of the delicious flavors that Sound offers, and you can buy these beautifully branded cans at a store near you. Or, go ahead and order a sampler so you can fine tune your favorite flavors. (This is very Important work.)

6. Self

best sparkling drinks
Photo: Self

Speaking of stunning packaging, De Soi will also make your fridge at least 10 times more gourmet. Although De Soi offers canned sparkling drinks, the magic of this brand is the magnificent bottles of champagne you can pick up for your sober and curious dinner crowd. (Hey, we love sipping from a can…but something about drinking from a wine glass is just different.)

De Soi flavors are vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free, and contain adaptogens like reishi, maca, and tart cherry. This drink contains traces of caffeine, so do not take it if you are sensitive to stimulants. Check Out The Variety Pack to discover the flavors of De Soi for yourself.

7. Hoplark Water

Photo: Hoplark Water

Hoplark prides itself on brewing tea in the spirit of craft beer, and its sparkling beverages reflect that intention. These sugar-free vegan drinks come in beautiful cans and flavor profiles to fit the amount of spiciness you really want in your drink. For example, Citra’s hop water has the “quite” happiness rating. That means it’s a bit more subtle and nuanced.

Try a mixed pack to discover your favorite flavor, statistical

8. De La Calle!

Photo: De La Calle!

Inspired by Mexico’s street food culture, De La Calle! offers what are arguably the most fun flavors in the fizzy drink game. Choose from probiotic fusions like Watermelon Jalapeño, Prickly Pear, Tamarind Citrus, and Pineapple Spice. In other words, don’t expect quiet, subdued sips from De La Calle!, okay?

This beverage brand is starting to appear nationwide at Whole Foods and smaller markets, so Find a store near you Where choose to order or subscribe online.

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