Sustainable traveler 6 things you need to check for your eco-friendly hotel

Sustainable traveller: An eco-friendly hotel is one that aims to benefit both the surrounding area and the environment. It works to reduce both the carbon footprint of hotel operations and the carbon footprint of guests and employees. While greenwashing hotels frequently use statements such as Use No Plastic, Organic Food, Save Water and Reuse Towel to try to trick guests. But one should make an effort to realize that this is anything but eco-friendly if all it is is emotional rhetoric about green living without any specifics.Read also – Delhi, where are you going for Brekkie? Bookmark these 5 best places to enjoy a delicious breakfast

. A sustainable traveler should look for the big picture in terms of sustainability and think critically about the little things. Does the hotel offer natural shampoo, but do they use single use mini plastic bottles? Does it urge travelers to reuse towels without saving water through various practices such as gray water use or rainwater harvesting? Does it use energy efficient lights, but at the same time thousands of light bulbs on the property use a lot of energy? Also Read – Top 5 Things Kashmir Is Famous For Apart From Its Enchanting Beauty – Watch Video

Hotels that truly care about the environment invest in various measures such as renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, reduction in plastic use, and much more. Also Read – Mawryngkhang Trek: Why You Should Go on This Unique Bamboo Trek in Meghalaya?

Below is a quick checklist for a sustainable traveler:

1. Green assessment and accreditation

Look for a section on the hotel’s website where genuine sustainability credentials are highlighted, whether it’s a green leaf rating or a certificate from a reputable organization.

2. Transparency

It is very important for a traveler to understand how transparent a hotel is in terms of efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. A truly eco-responsible hotel will not hesitate to provide information on the percentage of electricity needs covered by clean energy sources. It will also provide details on the use of low flow showerheads, dual flush toilets, rainwater harvesting and gray water recycling.

3. Food and drink

Check if the items mentioned on the menu are local and seasonal. Does the hotel offer a sumptuous buffet or does it have a set menu including local specialities? If it has a very widespread buffet, it’s just not eco-friendly.

4. Household

The hotel uses green agents and encourages the reuse of towels and the change of bed linen on request.

5. Local empowerment

Truly sustainable hotels not only support but also promote local economies by hiring local staff, sourcing food and other materials from local businesses, and more.

6. Sustainability Report

An eco-responsible hotel will have a sustainable relationship accessible to all. The report will include details of the hotel’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and create social impact.

Contributions from Ms. Chaitali Tarat, Co-Founder and Director of Sustainable Development, Veekends

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