Sign up for good health with these food subscription services in Delhi

Reheating a day’s leftovers can quickly become stale. Whether you want to take a break from cooking or trying to carve out some healthy eating time from a hustler’s routine, these food subscription services in Delhi will ensure you have something nutritious and delicious in your lunch plate.

On busy days, the idea of ​​chopping vegetables might not be appealing no matter how quickly the recipe promises to be in producing a meal. And when things get stressful, even going to the grocery store can seem impossible. This leaves many with the choice of spending precious hours commuting to restaurants or risking decision fatigue by endlessly scrolling through a multitude of meals for delivery. Add to that the fact that not all of us have the culinary finesse to whip up something delicious, and you’re left with a dinner of fatty curries or, worse, potato chips for the rest of the week.

This is where food subscription services come in. artisanal from organic breads and juices to keto meal plans, these cater to a variety of food groups and dietary needs and allow you to fill up on healthy vegetables, fruits and fiber.

Healthy eating is at your fingertips with these food subscription services in Delhi


Healthy and delicious cuisine

This cloud kitchen based in South Delhi caters to your dietary needs and preferences. Unprocessed and fresh green vegetables, meat and spices produce delicious salads, bowls of rice and pasta, among others. Those on a plant-based diet have a host of options like tofu fajita rice, sorghum chickpea salad, and chickpea avocado delicacy salad. On the dessert menu, baked yogurts and creamy smoothies. All meals are customizable and plans range from protein to vegan, with the most popular being 30 and 60 day plans. Healthy drinks like juices and teas are included with your meal.

Image: Courtesy of Healthylicious Kitchen

If you have a fitness goal in mind, this is the subscription plan for you. Food Darzee offers four meals a day, with options ranging from keto and high protein to vegan and healthy. You can always switch plans and cancel your meals if needed, and they don’t repeat a dish for four weeks. A nutritionist accompanies your subscription package, helping you with your lifestyle and health needs, while helping you correct bad eating habits.

Image: Courtesy of Food Darzee

The best way to get the most of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants found in fruits is to extract their juice by the cold pressing method. And if you tend to consume sugary coffee and tea, a serving of healthy juices each day might just be what your doctor ordered. Offering a refreshing alternative to the caffeinated drinks and sugar-laden processed juices found in supermarket aisles, Juice Cult offers a 7, 30 and 90 day subscription plan. Each juice is packaged in BPA-free glass bottles. Options range from classic fruit numbers like pineapple to healthy ingredient blends like spinach, kale, and celery.

Image: Courtesy Juice Worship

A popular cloud cooking service that falls under the Cure.Fit brand, Eat Fit offers healthy versions of classic comfort foods like pav bhaji, dal makhni, biryani, tawa paratha, kulcha butter chicken burger, and more. Depending on the plan, you can subscribe to a month of breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks by viewing the detailed menu of what will arrive at your door each day. Options include paratha thatlis, signature salads, rice bowls and immunity boosting snacks. Non-vegetarians and vegetarians will be spoiled for choice here.

Image: Courtesy of Eat Fit

While eating food made with farm-to-table ingredients is ideal, it’s hard to keep up with all the work it takes to find (or grow) it. This subscription plan promises a meal with fresh produce, homemade breads, and healthy swaps for oil, sugar, butter, and refined flour. Naturally, preservatives were omitted from the menu. You can choose between seven and 30 meal boxes at a time, with the choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The newest addition to their repertoire is Keto Indian Delights, which swap cream with suspended yogurt and white rice with organic broken brown rice and quinoa. They also serve delicious cold pressed juices to accompany your meal.

Image: Courtesy of Nutriobox

Not all types of bread are healthy for you, but if you had to add a carb to your meal plan, it might be best to choose one that offers gut-friendly prebiotics and is easy to eat. digest. Then comes the sourdough, as complicated to make as it is nutritious. These bakers in town will bring you a loaf of bread daily or weekly, depending on how quickly you go through a package. Choose from slice and bread options and choose when you want them at your doorstep. Best of all, shipping is free!

Image: Courtesy of Enthu Bakers

Family-friendly cooking at a great price, this food subscription service features fresh, local ingredients with no harmful preservatives or additives. Packages include three, seven and thirty day subscription plans with prices as low as Rs 300. Popular options here include chhole bhature, idli sambar, poha, dal makhni and other quintessentially Indian classics. This one is perfect for those who love a home-cooked meal but live away from home.

Image: Courtesy of Bhojan Tech

Another South Delhi company that caters to the health conscious without compromising on flavor, Parfit will customize your meal according to your preferences, allergies, dietary restrictions, and more. A nutritionist will monitor your health as you go and advise you on the best things you can do to improve your health. Here you will find a range of Indian specialties and continental classics such as rajma chawal, fresh pastas and salads. Those with a sweet tooth have delicious desserts to choose from to satisfy their sugar cravings.

Image: Courtesy of ParaFit

Featured image: Courtesy of Nutriobox; Hero Image: Courtesy of Healthilicious

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