Plant-based milk and 5 other foods to stop buying and start making at home



We can all agree that preparing food at home is usually much better, both for the taste and for our health. Making food from scratch is an easy way to make your meals taste much fresher than a store-bought brand, while choosing every ingredient that goes into your meal.

Many basic items that look healthy on our grocery store shelves can often contain ingredients to extend shelf life or sweeten the product. By preparing certain things at home, we can eliminate the excess and have a healthy, organic product made right in your own kitchen.

Here is the best plant-based milk recipe I’ve found and five other easy-to-make at-home trades to improve your health and feel better:

Vegetable milk

Plant-based milk is one of the easiest staples to swap out for a homemade option, and the health benefits are what make the extra step worth it. While all forms of plant-based milk seem like a good option due to their healthy-looking packaging, many companies add sugars, lectins, and gellan gum to the mix, which can make us bloat. and disrupt digestion.

Cashew milk is the easiest recipe I have found for making milk at home that doesn’t require any filters or bags of nut milk to prepare. You can also add any sweetener or vanilla extract to this recipe if you want sweeter milk. This recipe uses only cashews and water, is completely organic, and will last up to a week in the refrigerator.

Cashew milk: 1 cup cashews, 4 cups water

Start with a cup of organic cashews and soak them in water overnight. After at least 8 hours in the refrigerator, rinse the cashews and add them to the blender with a cup of water. Mix until all the lumps are gone and you have a very smooth milk. Then add the remaining 3 cups of water and mix to make the perfect cashew milk.


Granola is the best base topping for yogurt and fruit, oatmeal, or whatever else you want to add a sweet tasting crunch. Is that just a downside? Most brands add a lot of extra sugar, making it more of a sweet treat than a healthy food.

I find that homemade granola is not only healthier, but can also be customized to make the perfect oat and seed mix that I love. Any granola recipe can be personalized using things like sugar free / organic syrup, or dried fruit and dark chocolate. To follow this recipe for the best antioxidant-packed snack, a sugar-free granola you’ll want to add to every meal.

Protein Bars

For anyone who wants a quick bite to eat on the go, a protein bar is still the best snack to keep you full for hours. When it comes to protein bars, the quality ingredients make all the difference. Protein bars are another food that can be loaded with unnecessary sugar.

This recipe is a chewy 5 ingredient protein bar that uses organic ingredients and tastes like a dessert. I find that adding a few more medjool dates gives this recipe a softer texture which is very similar to cookie dough.

Vegetable soup

With the colder months to come, we are turning to hot foods for added comfort. Soup is a meal that once you start making from scratch, you will never want canned foods again. On top of all the extra sodium from store-bought soups, making your own allows you to add the freshest vegetables possible.

For a satisfying and healthy homemade vegetable soup option, choose organic, low sodium beef or chicken bone broth. Simmer and add your favorite vegetables and spices for a homemade vegetable soup. My favorite vegetables to add are potatoes, onion, corn, and tomato. I also suggest adding garlic and turmeric to any vegetable or broth soup for additional anti-inflammatory benefits.


One of the most convenient ways to save money and calories from processed sugar is to make your own salad dressing. By doing this, we can sweeten our salad in a natural way that doesn’t come from unhealthy added ingredients. The sweetest part about this is that a lot of people already have the ingredients in their pantry to make a fresh salad dressing.

To verify this guide on how to make your own olive oil dressing, as well as three variations using vinegar that you might have in your own kitchen.


A good basil pesto is something everyone should have in their refrigerator at all times. It’s safe to say that while shopping in the store is always satisfying, nothing beats a fresh pesto. Get creative with your pesto and add it to eggs, salads, toast, pasta or pizza. The possibilities are limitless.

Use this recipe for the perfect basil, vegan pesto. Add mozzarella if you like or pine nuts or cashews for a creamier pesto.



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