Peet’s Coffee Introduces New Boba-Inspired Brown Sugar Jelly

Peet’s Coffee Introduces New Boba-Inspired Brown Sugar Jelly

Peet’s Coffee welcomes summer 2022 with the launch of new boba inspirations Brown sugar jelly as a permanent complement to the brand’s drinks menu, for all iced coffee and tea drinks.


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Peet’s Brown Sugar Jelly is plant-based and can be added to any cold drink to add extra flavor and texture.

Here’s a look at Peet’s Summer of Jelly range:

  • Brown Sugar Cold Brew Oat Latte (permanent addition): the sweetness of brown sugar with a layer of creamy oat milk and Peet’s signature bold and juicy Baridi Cold Brew float. Served with new brown sugar jelly and ice.
  • Iced brown sugar matcha oat latte (permanent addition): Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea is prized for its distinctive flavor and creamy texture. Here it’s glazed and layered on a bouncy new brown sugar jelly, brown sugar syrup and luscious oat milk.
  • Citrus Green Tea Shaker with Brown Sugar Jelly (Summer Feature): Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea is hand-shaken with floral yuzu puree, lemonade and real citrus slices, all on a scoop of new brown sugar jelly.
  • Strawberry Lemon Tea Shaker with Brown Sugar Jelly (summertime signature): Mighty Leaf Summer Solstice crisp black tea, hand-shaken with lemonade and tangy strawberry puree on a scoop of brown sugar jelly.
  • Brown sugar oat latte – Hot or Iced – (Summer Feature): Brown sugar flavor sweetens oat milk and bold, smooth Espresso Forté for a cup that can be enjoyed hot or iced.

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