“Organic food is healthier for human consumption” | The Guardian Nigeria News


Mr. Patrick Ugwumba, Managing Director of Farmkash, a company specializing in helping people practicing organic farming, argued that organic food is better for human consumption and beneficial for health.

According to him, “Most processed foods contain dangerous and noxious chemicals. There has been an increased risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses attributable to toxic foods. There has been a continued reduction in the life expectancy of both men and women in Nigeria. Many people want to eat safe and healthy foods, but have limited access to them. “

Farmkash grows chili peppers, castor seeds, vegetables and other crops without synthetic chemicals in Ogun Sate.

“In Nigeria today, more people die from the food they eat than from other vices. The reason is clear, as most of the food available is loaded with deposits of dangerous pesticides, herbicides and preservatives that have the ability to harm the body, ”he explained.

He added that there is a serious gap in the number of people producing safe and healthy food in Nigeria.

The owner of the farm explained that some of the goals are to educate the population on the need to eat well, to produce and market safe and healthy food, free from chemicals and preservatives, to help people overcome their problems of health by introducing food therapy at affordable prices.

Ugwumba said that a large number of seasoning blends on the market today contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), a dangerous component that can lead to inflammation, migraines, infertility, breathing difficulties for asthmatics, joint pain, rectal bleeding, obesity and / or cell damage. , to name just a few potential effects.

“Granted, it takes a bit more planning and time in the kitchen to prepare food at home using fresh, locally grown ingredients. But knowing that your food is pure and free from toxic additives like MSG will be worth it. We are getting older every day, ”he advised.


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