Organic Eaters, Listen: Brisbane’s Best Organic Restaurant Has A New Spring Menu!



For us busy working types, the ability to be a decent adult and to eat in a nutritious and healthy way (ish) doesn’t make us bloated asses seems almost impossible Monday through Friday. Even with some of the Best restaurants in Brisbane on our professional steps, who here cannot admit a shameless case of fat attack at lunchtime?

All that hard work over the weekend stuffing Vita Wheats and Trail Mix in Tupperware containers to stack them on your desks flies out the window the second you forget to pack your lunch to work.

What a sorry bunch we are.

We already know the Best restaurants in Brisbane for epic and gourmet breakfasts. But, sorry to tell you, a cheeseburger and beer-fried chips don’t make for a balanced diet. #dietstartstomorrow

But finding a Brisbane lunch option that doesn’t require us to choose between healthy OR tasty is no longer a concern for us as we have found a Brisbane restaurant that serves nutritious and flavorful food.

Cooking a nice body storm in the east kitchen Mondo Organic. Easily one of Best restaurants in Brisbane (and one of the most progressive), Mondo Organic was one of the first restaurants in Brisbane to champion local organic produce for their menus.

Fast forward 14 years and Mondo Organic is one of Brisbane’s most popular organic restaurants, with a menu that changes over time. So it’s no surprise that with the new season, a new spring menu is killing off these culinary designers.

The menu is crammed with fresh and sustainable produce, you won’t find a bad guy in your dish here. Tin Can Bay shrimp sourced from sustainable fisheries, fruit and veg brought to your plate from the generous Mount Tambourine and chunks of meat from Cape Grim, the new menu is peppered with citrus, a ton of flavorful veg and a whole bunch freshness; it is an artisanal cuisine with a conscience of hell!

And just because you’re a slave to sugar cravings, don’t think about it Mondo Organic has nothing for you. Wrap your laughing gear around a chocolate dandelion pudding with strawberry ice cream and almond crumble, or their Meyer lemon tart with acacia seed cream … you’re going to be addicted!

So put down your peanut butter sandwich and walk away from that March bar at 3am, we were there to greet the healthy and filling lunch!

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Image credits: Mondo Organics


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