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AMES, Iowa—Practical Farmers of Iowa offers 18 paid on-farm job openings to farmers across the state who are committed to providing additional training on what it takes to run an agricultural business.

Jobs are offered through Practical Farmers’ Labor4Learning program, which features experienced farmers from a variety of farming systems and businesses who have agreed to offer training in topics such as record keeping, marketing and farming. other skills. exposed to.

All positions are paid, and most practice farms offer competitive salaries, along with other perks and benefits.

Before starting their own farming business, it is important that new and aspiring farmers gain experience not only with the day-to-day tasks of running a farm, but also with the responsibilities of running the business. However, most on-farm jobs do not expose employees to the full range of responsibilities required to operate a farm business. Labor4Learning seeks to fill the void by providing a more comprehensive work experience.

“These on-farm jobs provide hands-on training with experienced Iowa farmers in a range of farming businesses and systems,” says Celize Christy, PFI’s Next Generation Coordinator. “PFI knows and has reviewed these farmers, and they all believe in supporting beginning farmers and the mutual benefits of mentoring.”

A list of participating farms is included below, as well as their agricultural locations and businesses. Full job descriptions and program details are available at Practicalfarmers.org/labor4learning.

“I’m a Labor4Learning trainer because of what I’ve learned about soils and regenerative agriculture since our farm transitioned to organic farming,” says Scott Wedemeier of Grassway Farms near Maynard, Iowa. “I think this knowledge should be shared with those who want to learn more about more sustainable farming methods. I would love to be part of passing this knowledge on to the next generation.

Each trainer farm in the program has been approved by a committee of members of Practical Farmers of Iowa to serve as qualified teachers. Farms represent a diversity of businesses and production practices, including row crops, small grains, several species of livestock, fruits and vegetables, flowers, tree crops, cover crops, organic certification and more.

To participate as an intern in Labor4Learning, applicants should submit their resume and references directly to the trainer farm. If hired, participants receive membership in Practical Farmers of Iowa, networking opportunities with other beginning and aspiring farmers, and discounts on PFI learning events.

Labor4Learning 2022 trainer farms:

Adair County

  • Dale and Marcie Raasch – Bridgewater Farm (Bridgewater) – Certified Organic Vegetables and Fruit; hay, cattle, pigs, broilers, laying hens

Boone County

  • Mike Salama – Salama Greenhouse (Boone) – Greenhouse production of hydroponic ornamentals and vegetables

Cedar County

  • Derek Roller and Molly Schintler – Echollective Farm (Mechanicsville) – Vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, garlic seeds

Clayton County

  • Natasha Hegmann and Pete Kerns – Turkey River Farm (Elkport) – Grazing pigs and turkeys, vegetables, mushrooms, bedding plants

Chickasaw County

  • Martha McFarland – Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch (Fredericksburg) – Bison, cattle, hay, agritourism

Dallas County

  • Matthew Wiese – Heirloom Farm (Earlham) – Heirloom produce, chickens, eggs

Fayette County

  • Scott Wedemeier – Grassway Farms (Maynard) – Dairy, row crops, beef cattle, hogs, oats, wheat, barley, rye, sorghum, clover, sudan sorghum

Howard County

  • James Frantzen – Frantzen Farm (Elma) – Certified organic row crops, small grains, cattle, pigs, chickens, eggs

Linn County

  • Marcus and Emma Johnson – Buffalo Ridge Orchard (Central City) – Herbs, vegetables, apples, pears, row crops
  • Donna Warhover – Morning Glory LLC (Mt. Vernon) – Vegetable, Herb, Egg, Greenhouse and High Tunnel Production

Louisa County

  • Kathy Dice and Tom Wahl – Red Fern Farm (Wapello) – Arboriculture, nursery, permaculture system, sheep

Polk County

  • Jordan and Whitney Clasen – Grade A Gardens (Johnston) – Certified organic vegetables, chickens
  • Jenny Quiner – Dogpatch Urban Gardens (Des Moines) – Vegetables

Poweshiek County

  • Jordan Scheibel – Middle Way Farm (Grinnell) – Vegetables, Herbs, Plant Starters

history county

  • Alice McGary – Community Mustard Seed Farm (Ames) – Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, bees, chickens, sheep
  • Noah Wendt – A&W Farms (Huxley) – Conventional row crops, organic small grains, grass-based beef cattle, cover crops

Winneshiek County

  • Hannah Breckbill – Humble Hands Harvest (Decorah) – Certified organic vegetables, rotationally grazed sheep, perennial crops, pastured pork
  • Erik Sessions – Patchwork Green Farm (Decorah) – Certified Organic Vegetables

(contributed press release, PFI)

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