Nutritious Organic Foods For New Moms To Add To Their Diet



Welcome to a new phase of life. From pregnancy to childbirth, it is crucial to pay close attention to your lifestyle, your fitness and especially your diet. Pregnancy requires healthy foods to help the baby grow in the womb. Likewise, your postnatal diet will help produce an adequate amount of breast milk for your precious one. But if you live on a diet low in key nutrients, it can negatively affect your baby’s development in either case. So, with the right diet chart, it is important to choose organic products to get the basic nutrients. If you are looking for organic food products, you should see the labeling before adding them to your cart.

To make it a bit easier for you, here’s a roundup of organic foods you need to add to your maternity diet list.

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Foods Every Mother Should Add To Her Diet

Here is the list of foods you need to add to your list:

1. Organic Bajra and Backyard Millet Cookies with Almonds by Early Foods

To nourish you and your growing little baby inside you, Early Foods has developed pearl millet / bajra and backyard millet cookies. This organic product is packed with the benefits of wheat flour, butter, organic jaggery, dried fruits and seeds like almonds, sesame seeds, dates, walnuts, cashews, pista, seeds of watermelon and milk. It can meet your dietary needs during pregnancy, breastfeeding nutritional needs with lots of iron.

2. Choco Immuno Booster Drink-200 from Little Moppet Foods

Dear Mom, to keep you healthy and protected, Little Moppet Foods brings you an immune boosting Choco drink that is packed with the goodness of chocolate, almonds, cashews, turmeric, oats, sesame seeds and other nutritious seeds. These incredible organic ingredients together provide you with vitamin E and many antioxidants.

3. Happa Mama’s tea

If you’re a tea lover, try this nutritious, organic, caffeine-free tea from Happa, specially made for new moms. It helps you to produce healthy breast milk for the baby. The seeds of fennel, fenugreek, chamomile and other natural herbs regulate milk production in mothers. In addition, you can increase your vitamin content in the body.

4. Organic Ragi & Sesame Jaggery Cookies by Early Foods

If you are looking for organic foods for immense calcium content, you must add this product to your diet list now. It is enriched with the power of organic whole wheat flour, butter, ragi, amaranth, organic Jaggery, almonds, sesame seeds, dates, walnuts, cashews, pistachio , watermelon seeds and milk.

Be aware of any food allergy you have and consult a doctor before adjusting your diet.

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