Michigan’s Best Local Foods: Try a ‘Blue Bird’ or Greek Salad at the dawn of a new day

SAGINAW, MI — Julienned turkey, blue cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, cucumber and white balsamic vinaigrette are what prepares the dawn of a new day café’s popular Bleu Bird salad.

Cafe co-owner Linsey Morrell said Bleu Bird and Greek salads are two of her most popular lunch options.

“For sandwiches, our caprese grilled cheese and spicy grilled cheese are very popular,” Morrell said. “We offer plant-based burgers, and those have become very popular as well.”

the dawn of a new day cafe—yes, the establishment is spelled with lowercase letters—offers all of these options and more. Lunch prices range from around $7 to $12, and the menu incorporates local or Michigan produce whenever possible.

And for those looking for their morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up: Dawn of a New Day features a full espresso bar.

“Our coconut latte is one of our best sellers, along with the dirty chai. The dirty chai is a chai latte with an espresso added,” Morrell said. .”

Dawn of a New Day first opened in 2005.

“We appreciate Saginaw so much,” Morrell said. “We are looking forward to our 17th anniversary.

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