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Los Angeles Health Save and Downtown Crenshaw offer organic food in Leimert Park

Community members drive in and receive free vegan groceries and hot meals. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis/THE Sentinel)

Each month since January 2021, the Los Angeles Health Save in partnership with Downtown Crenshaw has come together to provide up to 100 bags of fresh organic and locally grown produce including items such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, kale , kale, onions, garlic, apples, pears, oranges, green beans, mushrooms, bananas and more. The food was provided by LA Health Save to help Downtown Crenshaw provide groceries and organic meals to members of the downtown Leimert Park community.

The grocery store always included a hot meal made from fresh plants. Most of this year’s meals were provided by Chef Supreme Dow of Concierge Kitchen, who donated to several self-help programs in downtown Crenshaw.

The bags included locally grown produce including sweet potatoes, cabbage, collard greens, kale, onions, garlic, organic apples, pears, oranges, green beans, mushrooms, bananas, etc. (Photo E. Mesiyah Mcginnis/THE Sentinel

“We start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning with the delivery of fruits and vegetables by What’s Good Produce. Volunteers show up to help pack each individual bag by hand. At noon we are ready for community distribution,” said Gwenna Hunter, head of Los Angeles Health Save.

Several members of Crenshaw Town Center were there to ensure that with each bag being given to a member of the Leimert Park/Africa Town community, they learn more about DC’s mission and encourage them to sign up for their courier electronic.

Community members drove up and received free vegan groceries and hot meals. (Photo E. Mesiyah McGinnis/THE Sentinel)

“The Downtown Crenshaw Free Vegan Grocery and Hot Meal Giveaway is about caring for our beloved community by providing vegan grocery bags and hot vegan meals. It’s about changing the narrative, shifting the paradigm, and amplifying healthy food choices that heal and nourish our community,” said Verneen Mincey, member and volunteer with the organization.

Residents appreciated the opportunity to receive these healthy foods with kindness. “I appreciate the quality of the food and the greenness of the vegetables. What they are doing is a blessing to the community,” said one participant who came by bike. Although the event was a drive-in giveaway, walk-ins also received a bag.

A community member with their free bag of fresh vegan vegetables and a hot vegan meal to go.

The distribution of the races was generally finished around 1:00 p.m./1:30 p.m. “We hope these bags will encourage people to eat healthier and eat whole, plant-based meals without animal products. We know a healthy community is a thriving community,” said Hunter, who helps distribute the healthy food bags. “Furthermore, we also hope that these bags and meals can provide some financial relief to those who may also be struggling financially to get through this week.”

(Above) Gwenna Hunter, head of Los Angeles Health Save, distributes free organic food in Leimert Park. (Below) Crenshaw town center community volunteer Verneen Mincey helps negotiate drivers during the free organic food giveaway. (photos E. Mesiyah McGinnis / THE Sentinel

The Food Support/Food Donation Program was provided by DowntownCrenshaw.com and sponsored by Los Angeles Health Save. While the food distribution program at Leimert Park is temporarily on hiatus, LA Health Save will launch a plant-based food bank in the spring of 2022.

For more, you can find LA Health Save on their IG @lahealthsave.

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