Launches of new drinks in July 2022: from gin to RTDs

Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage launched Gabunomi Chupa Chups strawberry cream soda.

“Gabunomi has a unique playful taste, popular for cheering up the younger generation in Japan. Now Pokka Sapporo adds extra excitement to the drink by co-branding with Chupa Chups,”​ says the Japanese F&B manufacturer.

“The product is inspired by the popular Strawberry and Cream flavor of Chupa Chups, with a milky texture and the best balanced blend of sourness and sweetness. The packaging, with the attractive Chupa Chups logo and colorful packaging design, is a real eye-catcher on the shelves.

The drink will be available at major convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.

Non-alcoholic agave cocktail


Parch, a non-alcoholic canned cocktail made with blue weber agave “designed for the modern drinker”, is launched in the United States.

After years in the spirits world (formerly at Diageo), co-founders Ila Byrne and Rudy Aldana launch the new brand with two “complex, flavorful modern drinks that serve as a bridge between familiar cocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives. “.

The two flavors are:

  • Prickly Paloma: “A beautiful combination of Weber blue agave, grapefruit, orange bitters and lime juice, along with floral hibiscus and desert botanicals create this bittersweet citrus cocktail . Walnut jicama, sea salt and passionflower round out the profile for a ripe, zesty refreshment.
  • Spiced Piñarita: ‘A smoky, spicy cocktail combining roasted pineapple with earthy Weber blue agave, juicy prickly pears and a selection of desert botanicals. This complex yet balanced drink is complemented with mole bitters, cocoa extract and chamomile.

RTD without alcohol


The British company Bax Botanics is launching two luxury non-alcoholic drinks, ready to drink in a can.

Food industry veterans, Rose and Chris Bax taught the food and drink industry about flavors and wild foods for over 30 years before setting up their distillery in North Yorkshire. They’ve now created two drinks: Smooth Sea Buckthorn & Tonic and Zingy Lemon Verbena & Tonic, which are “perfect for picnics and on-the-go fun, refreshing and low calorie with just 48 calories per can”.

“From the sourcing of organic and ethically grown plants to the use of sustainable and recycled materials during production, everything is designed by nature with the idea of ​​inspiring a connection with the natural world”,the duo said. The combination of herbs, berries, roots and botanicals are used to create complex flavors that make it the perfect substitute for sugary ready-to-drink beverages this summer.

Botanical infusions


Cult Artisan Beverage Co., Arizona, has launched its botanical infusions in Sprouts stores across the United States.

Cult, which began serving the food industry with coffees and teas, created the botanical infusions by taking 100% natural ingredients and then slowly infusing for “an incredibly fresh, crisp taste” in a sugar-free, hydrating drink. and without caffeine.

“In addition to all the great attributes, Cult Botanicals offers a tremendous amount of benefits that come with consuming this one-of-a-kind drink,”says the brand. “Natural ingredients like hibiscus, elderberry, rooibos, honey and more provide tons of antioxidants, electrolytes and other liquid gems that no other drink can deliver.”

Flavors include Strawberry Lemon Honeybush, Blackberry Acai Elderberry, and Pomegranate Hibiscus.

Enriched coconut water


Osena Beverage, a new beverage company, announced the nationwide availability of Osena Fortified Coconut Water in the United States.

Osena is made from real coconut water with natural electrolytes, zero sugar, and one hundred calories per 12 fluid ounce can at 5% ABV.

The company launched its first two products, Pure Original and Exotic Pineapple, in the Northeast region of the United States last year to ensure that the best choice for you was also tastier. “Amazingly, we found that people who might not prefer the taste of coconut water per se, overwhelmingly enjoyed the refreshing, tropical taste of Osena,”said co-founder Vicente Surraco.

Osena Spiked Coconut Water is now available in an eight-pack, The Islands Collection, with flavors of Exotic Pineapple, Ripe Mango, Divine Guava and Lush Dragon Fruit. Osena is also available in two packs of four unique flavors: Pure Original and Exotic Pineapple. Osena is available in stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland and online nationwide.

Bright and windy


Barefoot Wine has launched Bright & Breezy, its first low-calorie line at 6% ABV.

The new wines – “crafted to be fruity, with expressive aromas, a light mid-palate and a clean finish” – are offered in Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Rosé. “A perfect pairing with summer fruits, salads and grilled chicken, Bright & Breezy is a perfect addition to summer celebrations and backyard barbecues.”

Each contains 70 calories and 2g of sugar per serving. 750ml bottles are available in the US for a suggested retail price of $6.99.

Intelligentsia K-Cup Pods

Keurig Dr Pepper and Intelligentsia Coffee have launched Intelligentsia in K-Cup pods for the Keurig brewing system, marking the first time the super premium coffee brand will be offered to consumers in this format.

Chicago-based Intelligentsia is an American specialty coffee pioneer for over 25 years, founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange in 1995.

“New features in the Keurig brewing system, such as MultiStream technology, which uses five streams instead of one to completely and evenly saturate grounds to extract all flavor and aroma, ensure that craft brands beloveds like Intelligentsia will deliver the quality and taste consumers expect in every Keurig brew,”say the partners.

“In addition, signature BrewID technology introduced in Keurig’s first connected brewer, the K-Supreme Plus SMART, recognizes the specific brand, variety, and roast of K-Cup pods and customizes brew settings to make every cup distinctly delicious.”

Launching this month at retailers across the country as well as online, Intelligentsia K-Cup pods will come in two varieties:

  • House of the Intelligentsia: ‘​designed to bring out the inherent sweetness and bright fruit flavors that characterize his favorite coffees. Milk chocolate, citrus and apple are tastes consumers love and are presented here with high definition clarity.”
  • Intelligentsia El Gallo: a wonderfully balanced organic blend with a round mouthfeel and a smooth, candied sweetness. Citrus and stone fruit flavors meet notes of creamy nougat and caramel, making this a very enjoyable first cup of the day.

Twenty Third Street Distillery


South Australian distillery Twenty Third Street has launched a non-alcoholic G&T signature for ‘Dry July’.

“Available in a convenient 300ml can, this sugar-free, alcohol-free drink retains all the authenticity of the Twenty Third Street Distillery gin and tonic you love, simply alcohol-free,”says the distillery.

“That means you still get the master-distilled botanicals and Riverland citrus you expect, combined with a sugar-free fizzy tonic for a vibrant, dimensional alcohol-free option.”

Twenty Third Street Distillery’s non-alcoholic G&T is available nationwide at independent supermarkets and liquor stores, direct from the Renmark Distillery and online.

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