Kim & Jenny Cafe at Wheatland Plaza

Kim & Jenny’s Café at Wheatland Plaza has been a favorite meeting place for Duncanville residents for many years. When other longtime tenants like Minyard Food Store and Eckerd Pharmacy moved out of the aging Wheatland mall, Kim and Jenny continued to hang on. But the original owners sold the restaurant to an out-of-towner when they moved to Midlothian and opened a new restaurant there.

It was great news for Duncanville residents when Options Realty developer Monte Anderson began revitalizing Wheatland Plaza earlier this year. Local restaurateur Bryan Kaeser, owner of Mudhook Bar & Kitchen and the Black & Bitter Coffee Company, was one of the project’s biggest cheerleaders.

Kaeser said: “We need projects exactly like this to change the image of old parts of the city, increase the number of jobs available and give our citizens a wider choice of businesses to spend their money on. in Duncanville rather than elsewhere. This should be the start of many such projects.

In fact, Kaeser believed in the project so much that he bought Kim & Jenny’s and recently reopened the renovated restaurant to enthusiastic community support. My husband and I enjoyed a late breakfast last weekend and we can vouch for the quality of the food and service. My husband loved the cookies and gravy, and I thought their coffee was one of the best ever.

Duncanville by Kim and Jenny

One of the first things we noticed about the “new” Kim & Jenny’s was the friendliness of all the staff and diners. A mix of former Duncanville residents and newcomers kept all the booths filled, while many skipped tables, visited old friends and made new ones. Kim & Jenny’s is quickly becoming a popular hangout in the neighborhood, the kind of place where they remember your name and are happy to see you walk in.

Photo of the busy lunch crowd courtesy of Kim & Jenny’s

Kaeser said he decided to buy Kim & Jenny’s the first time he saw the restaurant, on July 4.

“They had a lot of traffic and I was impressed with Angel Martinez, the chef. He and Chris Pena and Jose Martinez Jr all stayed with us at the back,” he said. “Jak Banks and Skyleigh McKinney from Mudhook came with me for the front of the house.”

“People love the upgrades to the flooring and the lighting,” Kaeser said. “The new menu items are also exciting for everyone!”

Kim and Jenny’s Cafe Hours

Kim & Jenny’s is located at 450 Wheatland Road in Duncanville and is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They serve breakfast all day and can accommodate 53 people. For more information, call 972-283-2616.

“Our #1 breakfast is still our most popular menu item by volume, but the most exciting new item is our chicken and waffles. We use organic chicken from Red Bird Farms in Colorado or Naked Truth Premium chicken from Georgia, which guarantees it’s the most tender and cleanest chicken you can find,” Kaeser said.

The all-day breakfast menu at Kim & Jenny’s Café includes migas, breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles, Denver omelette (or make-your-own omelet), pancakes, and waffles, breakfast sandwich, avocado toast, french toast and fabulous cinnamon rolls. Breakfast #1 includes 2 eggs; bacon, sausage or ham; hash browns or oatmeal; cookies and gravy or toast; priced at $8.25 with a $1.35 bottomless coffee.

Their lunch menu includes shrimp and grits, chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken, roast and ground beef. Sandwiches include house burger, melted patty, “hangover” (beef, bacon, ham, Swiss, American, tomato, fried egg, and Tabasco Mayo on toast with fries $14). At Big Bubba Club, Notorious BLT and Chicken Two Ways Dagwood are also on the menu. Salads include Chef Angel Salad, Chicken Salad and Caesar Salad. A children’s menu is also available, as well as freshly prepared desserts.

Regular customers

In a charming yet unusual twist, Kim & Jenny pays tribute to some of its best clients by putting their portraits on the wall. Former Duncanville Councilman Grady Smithey and his wife Judy Smithey have their portraits on the wall. Retired neurosurgeon and civic volunteer Dr. Michael Miner and former mayor David Green also have their portraits on the wall. These “regulars” also received coffee mugs with their pictures on them and free coffee every time they enter.

Kim & Jenny regulars
LR Dr Michael Miner, Judy Smithey, Gail Sliger photo by Holt

“I asked the old team for a top 25 list of people who have been with us almost daily recently. Once I started identifying these people, I wanted to welcome them into the new era of Kim and Jenny. with style, and make them more comfortable with change. Many of them come in every day and are recognized by other customers,” Kaeser said.

There’s more exciting news in store for Wheatland Plaza, Kaeser said. “The options will be to install 9 restaurants in the old Minyard! It’s hard to imagine now, but there will be a common space between the spaces, with local entrepreneurs running all their businesses together. It will be family-friendly, especially since everyone will be able to choose their food in different restaurants.

Kaeser said he developed a close working relationship with Anderson. “We think a lot alike and have common goals for the community,” he said. “It’s a great partnership to have! I learned a lot being by his side. »

Kim and Jenny's lunch
Photo courtesy of Kim & Jenny’s Cafe

Business has been surprisingly strong since the reopening of Kim & Jenny’s Café, Kaeser said. He said Black & Bitter Coffee Co. and Mudhook also kept busy and he enjoyed launching several new community events there.

Community events

“On the first Friday of the month, we organize the first Fridays at the main station. It’s been going on for almost three years,” Kaeser said. “It’s a one-night arts and music festival, with 30-40 vendors selling handmade goods. Jazz Night is the second Friday, hosted by Black and Bitter Coffee and Books. The next two will have a saxophonist and a guitarist. And on the last Friday of every month, we host one of the nation’s largest outdoor open-mic nights, Poetry on the Patio. We normally have 20 speakers and a musician or two performing to a crowd of over 100 people in the audience. It’s a great art-filled event for everyone.

“I would just like to thank the community of Duncanville and Best Southwest from the bottom of my heart for their support of my businesses and the direction we have taken over the years with arts events. Now with Kim and Jenny’s I can say that I have earned some of their trust and they will follow me into new projects and that means a lot to me and my team,” he added.

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