Good Vibes Organic in Chatswood, Australia’s first certified organic restaurant in New South Wales



A 21-year-old chef opened the first restaurant in Sydney to achieve Australian organic certification – and it’s a bit fancy (even the wines are organic).

A fine dining restaurant in CHATSWOOD owned by a former student of St Pius X College has become Sydney’s first certified organic restaurant.

Last year, on his 21st birthday, Cordon Bleu-trained chef Huey Nguyen was offered an opportunity he couldn’t refuse: a deposit for a house or a restaurant.

“I chose the really risky option,” he said.

“I’ve always been a bit of a gung-ho. I never planned things too well, so I jumped right into it.

Growing up in far north Queensland on his grandparents’ fruit and vegetable farm before moving to the north coast, Nguyen said he and his family had always believed in organic food. It was therefore natural that his company followed the same philosophy.

“I started the restaurant not only for myself but to inspire people (to eat organic),” he said.

Nguyen is celebrating six months of its aptly named Good Vibes Organic Restaurant and its certified organic Australian milestone.

He said all the products except seafood were organic.

Located on bustling Victoria Avenue, in an area dominated by Asian restaurants, Good Vibes Organic stands out for its tasting plates with modern European cuisine.

The edible vegetables, herbs and flowers are from Byron Bay, the red meat is from Cleavers Farm Fresh Organics in Neutral Bay, the chicken is from Inglewood Farms, and the seafood is supplied by Willoughby Seafoods.

Even the drinks – beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and fruit juices – are certified organic.

“The cost isn’t that bad if you buy in season – that’s why the menu changes a lot,” he said.

But, regardless of the time of year, Nguyen said customers can always count on a healthy mix of red and white meat dishes, with at least three vegan options.

“Most of the time we buy a whole bunch of produce and sit on a Monday when we’re not ready to think and mess around in the kitchen,” he said. “Food is our life. “

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