Glen Rock diversifies the school lunch with an organic menu



GLEN ROCK – The school district is testing a program that would offer students the option of purchasing an organic lunch once a week.

Glen Rock’s breakfast provider Pomptonian Food Services launched the pilot program last week and will continue to offer an organic option every Thursday through March 31 at every school in the district.

The pilot’s assessment is simple: if an average of 50 organic lunches are ordered per week, the option will be offered every Thursday of the year. If the program meets that benchmark, Pomptonian would also consider selling an organic breakfast on an additional day during the week.

Cafeterias easily exceeded that target last Thursday, selling more than 130 organic breakfasts when the pilot launched on Jan.5, Pomptonian said in a statement.

The district and Pomptonian developed the idea of ​​an organic menu after its fall meeting to discuss suggestions for next year’s lunch program, which included significant parental input through parent-teacher associations. school, said Glen Rock superintendent Paula Valenti.

“Parents have asked to be part of the process,” said Valenti. “The organic menu surfaced as an area of ​​interest, and so the pilot was born.”

Organic meals – which cost $ 6 compared to the standard lunch price of $ 3.75 and $ 4.25 – include pasta and meatballs, grilled cheese, nachos, cheeseburgers, and various vegetarian options.


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