Consumption of organic food prolongs life



Madame Joyce Aku Menns, CEO of Garden Empire

Madam Joyce Aku Menns, CEO of Garden Empire, encouraged the consumption of organic products because they strengthen the immune system, which leads to a healthy life and a longer lifespan.

According to the Young Entrepreneur, the Covid-19 pandemic has even made the consumption of organic products as well as organic livestock more imperative.

Ms. Menns said that consuming organic produce promotes local agricultural production and supports local farmers with the necessary funding to preserve their produce.

“Most local farmers are often discouraged in mass production of organic products because sponsorship is not fast enough

“There is research that indicates the major impact on the mental and emotional health of a person with the consumption of organic food given its nutritional value and it is also good for people with allergies to chemical foods,” he said. she declared.

Additionally, Ms Menns said it was important that we go back to our roots when it comes to consuming our traditional food and drinks like palm wine, Asaana, Ampesia, Adule, among others. because it preserves our culture as Ghanaians.

“Most of our local markets are often dominated by foreign food, which for me is very worrying as we are gradually losing our food heritage as Ghanaians. So I think the narrative has to change with increased consumption of organic food, ”she said.

Garden Empire located in Haatso near Fidelity Bank offers a wide range of organic produce including local vegetables, bushmeat, drinks and all types of dried fish.


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