Concord Foods honors farmers and organic foods for National Organic Month

Brockton, Mass. – National Organic Month is celebrated annually in September. This month-long campaign raises awareness of organic farming and production. It draws attention to the benefits of organic farming – how organic farming benefits the earth and our health. Concord Foods is participating in the campaign by promoting organic food and agriculture on social media and providing retailers with National Organic Month-themed floor displays. Retailers are encouraged to create eye-catching displays in the produce aisle using the Concord Foods display and organic fresh fruit and vegetables.

Concord Foods’ display features a combination of new seasoning blends and organic smoothies. Mixes include Organic Guacamole Seasoning, Organic Salsa Seasoning, Organic Banana Smoothie, and Organic Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mixes. All Concord Foods organic blends are USDA Organic certified. To learn more about USDA Organic, please visit

“Our new organic blends complement best-selling organic fresh produce such as bananas, strawberries and avocados. We pride ourselves on providing products that align with current food trends and encourage greater consumption of fresh, organic produce,” said Samantha McCaul, Chief Marketing Officer of Concord Foods.

Organic blends are available in 18-pack display cases and a 144-pack combo floor display. The suggested retail price for the organic pouches is $1.29.

To find out what new products are on the horizon for Concords Foods, please visit or Concord Fresh Success at Also be sure to connect with the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

About Concord Foods

Concord Foods, LLC is a leading supplier of retail food products and custom ingredients to supermarkets, foodservice operators and major nationally recognized food manufacturers. Concord’s retail division offers a wide variety of produce-friendly items, from candy apple kits to fresh produce seasoning mixes. Consumers rely on quality products to glaze pies, create guacamole and bread onion rings. For more information, please visit

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