Clean Juice Announces 100th Franchise Partner En route to 200 Stores

Clean Juice®, the first and only national USDA-certified juice bar and quick-service restaurant franchise, proudly announced the signing of its 100th group of franchise owners in 6 years of franchising. This coveted milestone was captured by Dr. Glenn and Kathleen Leavitt of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and several family members. The Leavitt family will open to the Idaho Falls community in late summer 2022.

“This is an exciting step in Clean Juice’s historic rise from a concept conceived in our home kitchen to one of the fastest growing casual organic brands in the country,” said said Landon Eckles, CEO of Clean Juice. “We couldn’t have imagined a more passionate and dedicated family than the Leavitt family to commemorate our 100th band in our birth family. Not only are they a vibrant family unit themselves, but they have a wealth of experience in medical and business operations that will have a huge impact on our customers and our entire system.

Dr. Glenn Leavitt is a leading OB-GYN and surgeon and owner of Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, with nearly two decades of caring for women in the Idaho Falls community. Dr. Leavitt’s dream has always been to extend his clinical care to the people of Idaho Falls through the development of complementary health businesses where everyone can proactively interact with their personal health and well-being. This is where the idea of ​​investing in an all-organic nutrition-based fast food concept caught their attention.

“Idaho Falls has many health-conscious people who are looking for more options when eating on the go or want to eat organic in a fast, casual environment,” said Dr. Glenn Leavitt of Leavitt Women’s Healthcare and co-owner of Clean Juice Idaho Falls. “Clean Juice fulfills this purpose perfectly for a growing segment of people who are becoming more aware and proactive about how they fuel their bodies and the foods they eat while feeling great.”

It wasn’t just the nutritional value and deliciousness of the menu that Clean Juice offers. The Leavitt family admired the brand’s core values, personal franchise development program, and the pure love and enthusiasm of the brand’s leadership and corporate support team. According to them, “Clean Juice ticked all the boxes and more than our family was looking for.” They also stated that “the people of Idaho Falls will truly appreciate having access to the growing brand’s delicious organic product, continued product innovation, and rapidly growing integrity.”

To celebrate Idaho’s wonderful resources, the Leavitt family has chosen to name the new mall Garnet Gateway, where the Idaho Falls Clean Juice will be located along with other Leavitt family businesses, including the Leavitt Women’s Healthcare practice. Garnet Gateway faces one of the city’s busiest streets and is centered around providing several health and wellness outlets allowing people to continue their pandemic-inspired walk towards a mode of healthier life.

“The future growth path, company culture and its approach to franchise operations really convinced our family to become part of the Clean Juice family,” said Kathleen Leavitt, co-owner of Clean Juice Idaho Falls. “We haven’t seen anything like Clean Juice in Idaho Falls and can’t wait to open this uniquely branded and positioned fast casual restaurant with its line of all-organic dishes to our community.”

The Leavitt family shares business interests in this Clean Juice business, including Dr. Glenn Leavitt, his wife Kathleen, his brothers Dean and Ryan, and their nephew Chad Pariona.

Clean Juice credits its continued success to being the first and only USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise in the country and blazing a new trail in this niche market segment, which others concepts have since attempted to imitate. Additionally, the QSR brand continues to invest in a series of new menu innovations and center-of-plate menu additions that have proven to delight current customers and attract new customers looking for all meals. organic and nutritional fast foods that they can consume during their stay. go.

Pointing to the emergence of a new trend, Dr. Leavitt is the 6th physician in recent months to invest in the Clean Juice brand out of interest in increasing a fast and casual all-organic option for their respective communities. Throughout 2021, Clean Juice continued to intrigue and delight customers with unique and creative permanent and seasonal menu innovations, including organic wraps, organic soups and new organic cleanses, including The Immunity One and the new Super Greens Beginner Cleanse. These innovations, coupled with the proliferation of channels to reach customers more easily, improved the number of tickets in the brand’s same store by 18% in December and 23% year-on-year.

Currently, Clean Juice has 121 stores open, with 174 locations in its system across 30 states. All within six years of the franchise, earning its place among many other unrivaled benchmarks in its class.

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