CGS International Reaches Agreement to Acquire Rights to Organic Plant-Based Foods

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES/ACCESSWIRE/February 8, 2022/ CGS International, Inc. (OTC PINK: CGSI) (the “Company” or “CGSI”), a publicly traded, fully reporting emerging growth company focused on the development and sale of its biological plant enhancers known as name of GENESIS 89 and GENESIS 89 GOLD, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire certain rights to organic plant-based foods with Mindful FUD, Inc. (“Mindful FUD”), a Canada.

CGSI and Mindful FUD have agreed to the framework of a territorial license agreement whereby CGSI acquires (i) the exclusive rights to market, manufacture and distribute all Mindful FUD products in Asia and (ii) the right to market, manufacture and distribute Mindful FUD Products in certain geographies. Once signed, the agreement will require CGSI to advance certain funds to Mindful FUD in exchange for these rights.

“The environmental impact and sustainability of the animal agriculture industry drove the creation of Mindful FUD products, and it is these same goals that drove us to develop Genesis 89 products,” said Ramon Mabanta, CEO of CGSI. “We are delighted to be about to execute this agreement with Mindful FUD. The synergy between our companies is incredibly strong, as we both aim to reduce our carbon footprint, save water and ensure that vital crop resources are provided to people.

Using national data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, if 50% of the world’s population limits their diet to 2,500 healthy calories a day and reduces their meat consumption overall, it is estimated that at least 26.7 gigatonnes of emissions could be avoided from dietary change alone. If avoided deforestation due to land-use change is included, 39.3 gigatonnes of additional emissions could be avoided, making healthy, plant-rich diets one of the most effective solutions with a total of 66 gigatonnes reduction.

A global shift to plant-based diets could reduce mortality and greenhouse gases caused by food production by 10% and 70%, respectively, by 2050. A report by the United Nations Program for the environment states that “animal products, both meat and dairy, generally require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives. According to the World Health Organization, “reducing livestock herds would also reduce emissions of methane, which is the second largest contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide.”

While the framework of the agreement with Mindful FUD has been negotiated, the effective closing of this transaction is expected within the week. Additional updates will be announced as they become available.


Mindful FÜD prides itself on being a high-quality producer of delicious, natural and sustainable alternatives to animal products, with an increased focus on including all types of consumers. They believe that with the open welcome mat, we can get more people to be open-minded about their food choices.

Mindful FÜD started as a meal delivery service in 2015 called Feed Me Fit. Soon after, Mindful FÜD built a commercial kitchen from scratch and operated until 2019 offering a wide range of healthy food options. Mindful FÜD started creating its first plant-based meat alternative in 2019 when it was asked to partner with a local charity to provide 100 families with plant-based burgers for 3 months, and after much trial and error, created a product they were eager to share with the world, while helping those in need. That’s why in 2020, Mindful FUD decided to focus only on its herbal products. Currently, Mindful FÜD is growing rapidly and in the past month has added over 50 retailers and has been listed in 110 major Save-On-Foods stores across Canada, as well as an online grocer ‘Vejii’ which is one of the largest online factories. based retailers, which allows them to access the entire Canadian and American market.


CGS International, Inc., through and through its wholly owned subsidiary, World Agri Minerals Inc., manufactures, markets and sells a first proprietary commercial agricultural product known worldwide as GENESIS 89™. After years of research and development, GENESIS 89™ has been formulated to contain over 80 different trace minerals and contains a proprietary proprietary blend of these organic trace minerals. The World Agri Minerals GENESIS 89™ product line has the highest concentration of minerals harvested from seawater available on the commercial and even retail market. The exclusive extraction of these minerals provides the GENESIS 89™ product with a unique blend of organic trace elements and has the highest concentration of minerals harvested from seawater available on the market. All of World Agri Mineral’s products are comprised of organic nutrients that hope to change the way the agriculture industry grows and fertilizes produce. Our premium GENESIS 89™ organic growth supplement can be applied as a soil amendment and/or foliar spray. We are moving forward with confidence as the first ocean-based mineral plant food on the market.


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