Andaz Delhi’s Modern Foodhall AnnaMaya Launches Brand New Menu

AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi has launched a brand new delicious, nutritious and unique menu. Since its inception, AnnaMaya has been a holistic experience for all of its customers and has promoted wholesome meals that are delicious, fresh, wholesome and sustainable.

Akshay Bhardwaj, head chef at Andaz Delhi added his personal touch to transform the ingredients into unique and memorable dishes. With products like local red pumpkin, button mushrooms, saffron, raw mango, jackfruit, bok choy, Norwegian salmon, capellini, lotus flour, Himalayan trout, arugula, water-milled amaranth flour and green mango, each dish is created with innovation and freshness. Ingredients.

For foodies looking to try European-inspired dishes, there are a host of dishes created with local artisan ingredients like Capellini Arrabiata with Burrata, Buckwheat Shrimp Fusilli with Romano Tomatoes, Grilled Lamb Chops, grilled salmon and prawns in garlic butter.

AnnaMaya foodhall offers a curated list of reimagined cocktails and mocktails alongside its fresh take on global food. With local sourcing as a primary focus, it’s a kitchen that has pioneered the concept of wholesome meals that are largely organic and value ingredients native to our region and country.

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