An overview of the award for the best meal of the year by Don Alfonso 1890 (PHOTOS)

Not only was Toronto’s Don Alfonso 1890 voted the best Italian restaurant in the world, it also came in first for its fixed-price, multi-course tasting menu.

The prestigious 50 Top Italy awards bring together 50 international restaurants, each recognizing for their exquisite menus and dining experiences, and then vote for which restaurant should win. Meal of the year 2022 Mulino – Caputo.

Don Alfonso 1890 won the title, and those who have experimented with their tasting menu understand why.

The classic tasting menu consists of several courses that capture the essence of the authentic and daring flavors of Italy through fine cuisine.

Don Alphonse 1890

The fixed-price, multi-course menu includes tastings such as L’Anguilla made with eel gelato, sturgeon caviar, rosehip-scented tagliatelle, powdered egg yolk and chopped herbs from their own. jardin and L’Anatra, which is a pan-seared Muscovy duck breast with gala apple purée, spinach leaves, 15-year-old balsamic vinegar reduction, anise demi-glace, cinnamon powder and borage.

don alfonso

Don Alphonse 1890

Other offerings include Il Dentice Arrosto, a roasted wild snapper with an organic asparagus and red radish salad, organic cauliflower and horseradish puree, and Il Bisonte, a coated Manitoba fillet. Swiss chard, buffalo mozzarella, salsa verde, San Marzano tomato and red pepper reduction.


Don Alphonse 1890

“The Michelin style is reflected in the eight-course tasting menu of unique dishes; each dish is created with expert precision using the best quality ingredients available and plated onto a one-of-a-kind container, selected specifically to showcase the food’s characteristics and its stunning presentation, ”shares the restaurant.

These two victories can now be added to the list of previous awards that Don Alfonso 1890 has won, such as 2nd best Italian restaurant in the world – 50 Top Italy in 2019, Best New Restaurant in the World & Tre Forchette (3 forks) – Gambero Rosso, Best Italian Restaurant in Canada and Top Ten of All Restaurants in Canada 2020 – The List, and much more.

The full menu can be found here.

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