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PALAKKAD: Concerned about the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on fruits and vegetables that hit the local market from neighboring states, the Department of Agriculture has engaged here in a mission to promote varieties of indigenous cultures of Attappadi, as well as the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. , to meet the nutritional needs of the state.

If things go as planned, ragi, pigeon peas, millet, thina and other vegetables and fruits grown organically under the Attappadi brand will soon replace chemical-based agricultural products in state markets. .

About 6,305 hectares of land have been identified for this purpose in Attappadi. In addition, there are plans to start three agricultural service centers in Agali, Puthur and Sholayur to coordinate various activities to achieve the mission.

“The lands identified for this purpose have been divided into different sections to cultivate various crops according to their nature, area, environment, etc. About 475 hectares of land have been identified for the cultivation of ragi, 550 hectares for maize, 700 hectares for small maize. , 280 hectares for chama, 405 hectares for thina, 500 hectares for millet, 1,100 hectares for cowpeas, 305 hectares for black gram, 370 hectares for pigeon gram, 800 hectares for peanuts, 370 hectares for the Bengal gram and 450 hectares for the cultivation of beans. In addition, land has been identified for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, ”said KK Shobhana, senior agricultural officer.

Hundreds of uneducated youth and traditional farmers have been selected for this mission, who will receive training in various sophisticated farming methods, but absolutely in line with organic farming methods. “Farmers will get free seeds, fertilizers and farm equipment through the agricultural service centers. Farmers will cultivate the crops under the guidance of qualified officials. Once the crops are harvested, the

farmers can distribute produce in state markets with the help of a company to be trained to market produce under the “Attappadi brand”. The company will have educated the young people of Attappadi. It will be the tribes in the area who will do all the work with our help, ”said Shobhana.

“Previously, the indigenous people here cultivated indigenous crops like ragi, corn, thuvara, thina, etc., but gradually stopped it for various reasons. These crops were the backbone of the health and economy of tribal people, and they began to lose both with the cessation of agriculture. With this new mission, the Ministry of Agriculture hopes to eliminate all of Attapadi’s problems, ”she said.

A proposal, with an estimated cost of Rs 19 crore, was sent to the agricultural department by the district agricultural department. We learn that the central government will support Rs 10 crore of the total cost of the project and the State Rs 9 crore.


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