Ambitious organic restaurant closes in Dallas Farmers’ Market – a blow to healthy eating?



A The healthy restaurant, known for its farm-to-table cuisine, will close at the Dallas Farmers Market on November 3. Mudhen Meat and Greens, an organic restaurant that opened just three years ago, is being closed by Dallas restaurateur Shannon Wynne.

In the meantime, Mudhen will work to place his staff at other Wynne / Moth Management restaurants such as Meddlesome Moth, Miriam Cocina Latina and Rodeo Goat.

“I apologize to all Dallas residents who appreciate clean, healthy options. I apologize to vegans and vegetarians, locavores, paleophiles and keto maniacs! said Wynne. “We tried very hard to bring you healthy options, but ultimately we weren’t able to attract enough people to drive to Farmers Market to eat.”

As I just drove there myself the other week to try an avocado salad, it was hard to wait to eat until I got back to Uptown.

“We strongly believe in a flexible, low-sugar, plant-based diet that is rare in the Dallas landscape,” says Wynne. “’Food that kills that won’t kill you’ was our mantra. We know very well that many places claim to be “healthy” but still cram sugar and oil into their recipes. “

“We were among the few restaurants in town that cooked meats at temperatures below 300 degrees to avoid carcinogens, but in the end, few people really cared. Lesson learned the hard way. Please join us in saying goodbye to Mudhen before November 3rd and thank you to all of our loyal customers.

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If you’re a Mudhen fan, be sure to pop in for a final poke bowl, Loco Moco or Tomahawk pork chop before this healthy Dallas restaurant closes for good.


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