A closer look at the 6 amazing benefits of eating organic foods



In today’s world, many people become aware of the events happening around them, including the types of food they eat. As a result of this new development, there has also been an endless argument as to whether organic food is healthier than conventional food. However, according to various scientific research conducted by the FDA and USDA, organic foods are just as healthy as non-organic foods.

In addition, other scientific reports clearly indicate that organic milk and tomatoes are more nutritious than non-organic varieties. Studies are still being done on different organic foods that may have greater dietary benefits than non-organic varieties.

So if you have been undecided about your opinion on the benefits of eating organic foods, your doubts end there. Reading this article provides an overview of some of the benefits you can gain by adding organic foods to your diet.

  1. Antioxidant capacity

Several studies conducted on organic foods have shown a high level of antioxidants in organic foods. Reports further show that antioxidants derived from the consumption of foods like organic lamb chops is beneficial for the body compared to non-organic varieties. This is possible because organic foods have no interaction with external chemicals that can weaken food nutrients derived from fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the human body system needs vitamins, minerals and other organic compounds to prevent various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cognitive dysfunction, premature aging and vision problems. At the same time, other research indicates that consuming organic foods increases antioxidants and reduces exposure to toxic metals.

  1. Heart health

Increasing the length of time animals graze in the open field increases the level of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the product of these animals. The advantage of CLA is that it contains properties capable of boosting cardiovascular protection, and CLA is significantly available in animals in an outdoor or cage-free environment.

  1. Organic food tastes better

There is a widespread belief among proponents of organic food that tastes better than fast / conventional food. The factor driving this hypothesis is that organic food products follow the process of organic production. Additionally, organic foods are sold fresh in the market, which tastes better than non-organic foods stored and frozen before being transported long distances.

  1. Environmental security

For non-organic varieties, there is a strong presence of chemical use for planting crops and raising animals, and these chemicals can be harmful to the soil, air and water. But for organic products, the use of chemicals is strongly prohibited, making it safer for the environment at large.

In addition, the consumption of organic products reduces the level of environmental pollution and ensures a safer and healthier environment for unborn generations.

  1. Pesticide reduction

Most people prefer to consume organic foods over non-organic varieties due to the lack of pesticides in organic foods. However, the reason for applying pesticides in conventional foods is to protect the produce from infection by insects. Pesticides are necessary but contain content that is not needed in the body as they contain chemicals like organophosphates.

Additionally, it has been discovered that unnatural chemicals used in preserving conventional foods are responsible for 80% of unwanted minerals in the body, and chemicals such as organophosphates can lead to autism and ADHD. So, to ensure you and those around you grow up healthy and reduce your exposure to deadly diseases, especially for children, consuming organic foods is the best way to go.

  1. Antibiotic resistance

With the different epidemics of various types of diseases across the world, it is no surprise that there has been a high rate of vaccines used to prevent infection. Additionally, to protect animals, non-organic farmers use vaccines to protect animals from animal diseases. For example, poultry farmers usually apply vaccines to protect their chickens from influenza cases such as bird flu. Although there is nothing wrong with using vaccines for humans or animals, the side effect is that the consumption of vaccinated animals, together with the antibiotics existing in the human body, can weaken the immune system; furthermore, overdependence on antibiotics makes the human system redundant in the fight against new strains that have not been vaccinated.

Various scientific research is still being done on the benefits of organic foods for the overall benefits of human health. Yet even existing research has shown the immense benefits of organic foods over non-organic foods.

By increasing your intake of organic foods, you directly strengthen your human system, as organic foods contain minerals, vitamins, and other organic compounds that can protect the body from disease.


  • The information in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the medical care or advice of your physician.


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