4 reasons why you should switch to organic foods


We are in the last month of 2021, the year that gave us a million reasons to think about our health, what we eat, the cleanliness of our environment, the strength of our bodies and what makes us feel good. helps improve our immunity. The organic food industry has seen a dramatic shift in consumption and was one of the few industries to survive the lockdowns. The shift from packaged foods to organic products was pretty obvious and has a bright future.Also Read – How the pandemic affected the organic food industry

First we need to understand the entire food supply chain. It’s not just about what we put in the fields and farms, but the post-harvest process and adulteration are just as important. In order to make a particular product stable and tasty, we add artificial alien-like ingredients to rather simple, straightforward food products like cooking oil which should ideally be a single ingredient product. Also Read – 4 Lesser Known Superfoods That Boost Your Health

Organic, farm-fresh, and unadulterated foods come highly recommended due to their undeniable benefits, some of which are mentioned here: Also Read – Head To These 5 Best Vegan Places To Eat In Mumbai

  • Less or no use of chemical pesticides

The community of organic farmers swear by practices that include less or no chemical pesticides and choose natural remedies. The old cultivation methods, now implemented with organic farmers, ensured the use of natural pesticides as part of the residue is added to the food and we do not wish to ingest chemicals.

  • Fair for humans but better for the environment Not so.

Organic farming enriches the soil, reduces pollution, uses less energy and is therefore good for the animals and birds that live nearby and it certainly has health benefits for humans. Doesn’t that make it a better choice?

  • Non-GMO feeds for livestock

The cattle are fed all organic, hormone-free and GMO-free feed, which means that the end products are also GMO-free, therefore suitable for newborns, pregnant women and physically sensitive people.

Organic foods have a limited shelf life, which means fewer chemicals and adulterated ingredients. Chemical preservatives that increase shelf life have also increased the risk of diseases like cancer, eczema, allergies, etc. which can be prevented and cured by consuming fresh and organic foods.

As the new year approaches, with new resolutions to make, be sure what you choose for yourself.

Organic farming in its truest definition refers to a form of agriculture that benefits the entire ecosystem.

(Written by Naman Bhurani Co-Founder, Vediko)


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