About Nila

Nila is the chef and owner of Sari Organik.

She was born in the high mountains in Bali to a black-smith family and started to work as a young child helping her father making metal tools and farming. At age 10 she already had her own cow that she had to take care of.

At age 14 she left her parents and moved to Singaraja to work in a weaving factory for sarongs.

At 17 she moved to Java and work for her living and sending money to her family in Bali. She worked in many jobs from building roads to selling tickets on busses. She learned to read and write as an adult since she never went to school.

After moving to Jakarta, she started to cook in different establishments and learned to cook different styles of western and Indonesian food.

She came back to Bali 2000 to be close to her family and now live with her 3 children and Israeli origin husband near Sari Organik in the rice fields near Ubud.